.a lonely ghost burning songs. (incubuschix) wrote,
.a lonely ghost burning songs.

so far the weekend is not too bad

on friday i went down to Vals place to hang out
talked bout old times...
then she proceeded to get dressed
and we headed back out into the wintry coldness
to check out Nathans gig at Scott's Korner

very fun
and much drunkness

but it was fun
and yesterday, Brandin, Jackie, and I
headed down to the flea market
and then proceeded to Dollarama and then to FutureShop
i bought Mahrya

*a buddha incence holder
*aromatherapy shower gel for stress and sensuality
*and a very pretty dreamcatcher.

thats her easter present
i should get something for her son
since his b-day is comin up...
but what can u get an 11yr old boy...
any suggestions??
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