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.a lonely ghost burning songs.

wow an update!!!

I hate how its sooo hard to get a job these days without havin experience. How else will i get that office job unless i have a background of office work....but oh wait how will i ever get that if no job will hire me in the first place cuz i dont have the experience that no one is willing to train me for...i learn fast and i accomadate very well...but still no callbacks...i didnt even get a callback from a freakin grocery store....why?? cuz i dont have experience.....well urgh!!!! Fuck you experience! Fuck you corporations that wont give people a chance to learn, and Fuck you employers that are tooo fuckin lazy to get offa ur ass and just train people willing to work for your corporation!!! GODDAMMIT!!

Ok thats my lil rant for today...
i been rethinkin the choice of career i want
First i wanted to go into Forensic Science...
go into crimology..(sp?)
then i just thought a clinical therapist....cuz i love psychology..
and then i thought i could be an artist
fashion designer
alot of things...cuz i have the skill and knowledge to do all
then i thought it would be kool if i owned my own business
maybe even go into hotel management
cuz i have a great idea for a hotel/bar

i'm so goddamn confused about it all
cuz i wish i could do it all
which i could...maybe not
very hard work
but i dunno....everything is confusing now
and i hate when i start evaluating my life...cuz it makes me mind and decisions a complete mess...

anyways tribute to a special friend
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and i'm black y'all
and i'm black y'all
and i'm blackity
and i'm black y'all

hahahaha yea mahrya and i are retarted hahahahaha
awww i miss her :(

[Edit]: Mahrya is not dead or nething lol....she just resides in london
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